Imagine truly feeling joy at work - every day

Your career should be a source of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

If you struggle to find and maintain balance between your work and home life...

If you worry that you may be approaching (or are fully experiencing) 'burnout'...

If you're ready for the next chapter - the one that you design, that brings you joy...

...let's talk.

Hello! I'm Michele

My 'why statement' or mission in life is:

'Spread joy'

When I work with a client, at some point 'the moment' happens and I see the spark ignite. And when that happens, everything starts to change.  Joy begins to take hold.

And the client, in turn, transfers that joy to those they work with. And to their families and loved ones. And even to strangers.

It's an epidemic in the best possible way

For over 20 years, I had the privilege of working in healthcare - supporting leadership, culture and the development of high functioning teams.  I bring this experience into my coaching.

As a certified executive coach, I can support you to achieve your goals and create a career and life that is satisfying and, most importantly, joyful. 

Credentials: BSc, Associate Certified Executive Coach (International Coaching Federation), TeamSTEPPS (AHRQ), Brain-Based Conversation Skills (NLI), LEADS in a Caring Environment (Canadian College of Health Leaders), Curriculum Development & Instructional Design (extension certificate)


Let's work together!

Executive Coaching

According to Dr. Atul Gawande, "Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.".  

One-to-one executive coaching provides confidential support when you're:

  • Facing challenges or opportunities

  • Struggling with 'imposter complex'

  • Ready to grow and fulfill your potential

  • Wanting to develop as a leader

  • Finding it difficult to balance work and home life

  • Needing to find clarity

As your certified executive coach, my role is to partner with you in creating a truly fulfilling career and life - to rekindle the spark!

Are you ready?

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

~ Anais Nin

Burnout Recovery/ Prevention Coaching

Many people were already experiencing some degree of burnout prior to COVID-19. The pandemic has resulted in skyrocketing rates of burnout, and for many in the caring professions - the added burden of compassion fatigue.

You're likely experiencing burnout if you have symptoms, such as:

  • Uncharacteristic cynicism, negativity and/or impatience 

  • Mental exhaustion and feeling unmotivated 

  • Feeling ineffective - like your efforts have no impact 

Burnout is insidious - an erosion of the soul that happens slowly over time.  It strikes perfectionists and high achievers particularly hard.  And although burnout is an occupational condition, it creeps into personal lives and affects relationships.

But there is hope. 

We can work together to find your path back to joy and balance.

Mid-career Crisis Coaching

You've invested so much to get to where you are - and not just time and money. You'd be crazy to give it all up now, right?  But, surely, there has to be more...

Many people are 'goal oriented'.  When the ultimate milestones are achieved, life can feel empty and predictable.  It can seem as though there's nothing left to strive for.

For others, there can be a sense of being 'trapped'.  When one's vocation has become a critical aspect of 'identity', changing careers can feel like an impossibility.

But you are entitled to seek your own happiness and fulfillment.

Through coaching, we explore what really matters to you and what may be missing right now.

It's often surprising how small the changes are that can have you feeling challenged and fulfilled in your career once again.

Or, maybe you're ready to begin an exciting new chapter.

Let's find out!

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Joy awaits!
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